Biscuit Almond Pudding

Hey there! Today we are preparing a very easy pudding. As Diwali is nearby so we all will be busy with the preparation for the festival. This dessert can be a great help for you all who want to prepare some desserts which is less time-consum ing and needs a few ingredients only. This dessert can be prepared in small quantities as well as large.

In this pudding always use biscuits which are sweet and thick crust. We cannot use biscuits like ma so are thin and a little sweet. The thin biscuits will get dissolved in cream too quickly and will not give the texture in the pudding which we need. You can use hide n seek kind of biscuits in this recipe.

This recipe requires condensed milk, just to add sweetener in the pudding. As we are using bread which doesn't have a sweet flavor so we need extra sweetener in the recipe.

Using bread gives this pudding a touch of a cake-like thing. Almonds will give a crunchy texture to your pudding.

Biscuit Almond Pudding

Servings : 4


8-10 sweet biscuits

200 gm fresh cream

21/2 tbsp condensed milk

2 Bread slices

15-20 crushed almonds

30 gm Butter


Crush the biscuits with your hands, we don't want powder form but small pieces of biscuits. Cut the bread slices also into small pieces with a knife.

Take a pan and put butter in it. Let it get melt on a low flame, once the butter gets melted roast bread until it gets crispy brown, now add almonds and finally add biscuits and roast them. roast all of them for at least 15 minutes. Let them cool down.

Till almond and biscuit mixture gets cool, take fresh cream, and add condensed milk in it. Whip it till the cream get fluffy.

Now keep half of the cream separately and in the other half add 1 tbsp mixture of bread and almonds in it and mix them well.

The final step is layering, take a glass dish spread half of the mixture which is left, then spread the layer of cream and cover the mixture.

We will spread the cream and almond mixture on the cream layer this will be our third layer. finally, we will put again almond and biscuit mixture in a way it covered the cream and almond layer.

Keep the dish in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours and boom - it's ready!

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