Chocolate Bombs That Dissolve 😱

Happy New Year!! In this post, we are sharing a MIND-BLOWING recipe - we sense an eyroll, so let us tell you about it.

In this recipe, we will be showing you how to make chocolate bombs - the twist, you ask? When put into hot milk, these chocolate bombs dissolve and turn your milk into a chocolate drink - how exciting does that sound?

Chocolate Bombs That Dissolve 😱


100 gm dark compound chocolate

6 tsp milo powder

2 tsp white chocolate for decor

2 tsp colored sprinkles, optional


Take a small pan and fill at least two cups of water in it. Keep it For boiling, on top of it put any glass jar which you can use for boiling.

In this glass jar put your dark chocolate to melt. So basically we are doing a double boiling technique here. Till the chocolate get melts, grease the chocolate mold with butter.

Once your chocolate gets melt Pour ½ tsp chocolate in each mold and spread the chocolate in such a way that it covers the whole mold, you can do it with the help of a spoon also or you can move the mould in the circle to ensure that the mould gets covered with the chocolate.

When this process gets completed put the mold in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes. Now take out the mold from the refrigerator and again repeat the same process. Once You are done with a double layer of chocolate coating of mold again keep the mold in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.

With 100 gm of chocolate, you will get 6 bombs. Make sure the layers of chocolate should not be thin, otherwise when you will unmould the chocolate bombs they will break. Leave 1tsp melted chocolate for joining the shells.

When your chocolate gets dry in mould take them out from the refrigerator and with a very light hand take chocolate shells from the mould. Now in 6 shells, you put 1tsp of milo powder, which means in every 6 shells you have to put milo powder. The rest of the 6 shells leave empty as we need them to cover the filled shells. We are adding some sprinklers in the milo-filled shells just to create a little drama, but if you don't want you can avoid this step.

Now take the left melted chocolate(if your chocolate gets hard again make it hot in a double boiler) and with the help of the spoon put little chocolate on the edge of the chocolate shell which is filled with milo with a very light hand and quickly cover the shell with an empty shell, you will get bomb shape. This process you do with other shells also.

Your milo chocolate shells are to get dipped in hot milk or hot water.

Take a bomb put it in a mug and pour some hot milk or water, stir it and enjoy this hot drink in super-chilled winters.

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