Easy Kiwi Mojito

This kiwi mojito is fizzy sweet and refreshing at the same time.

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This kiwi mojito is fizzy sweet and refreshing at the same time. I usually make this on a scorching day, which is basically every day this season (yay summer, right?) so this can always be found in my fridge.

Learn my go-to fool proof kiwi mojito recipe:

Servings: 2



1 1/2 tbsp. ground sugar - the reason we use ground sugar is that granulated sugar is way too fat and won't mix well in the drink

5-6 fresh mint leaves - This is not necessary, you only need to use it if you want a fresh garnish of mint leaves.

1/2 inch peeled ginger

1 can of soda (we used Watson's but you can also try sprite)


1. First, peel your kiwi and dice it. Now add your diced kiwis in a ziplock and add sugar in it as well. Now that your kiwi and sugar are in a bag, use a rolling pin to smash it into a sorbet-like paste.

2. Now take a tall glass or a jug (we used a tall glass) and place mint leaves, ginger, and your slices of lemon at the bottom of your glass/jug.

3. Now use a pestle to pound all the ingredients we put into the glass.

4. Now add your kiwi paste that we made before in your glass/jug as well and mix everything in your glass/jug together.

5. Add your ice to inside the glass then add your soda ( remember not to shake it😜 ) on top of it. If you want, beautify your drink by garnishing some mint leaves on top.

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