Moong Dal & Cinnamon Samosa

Hey there! As we told you in the last blog about our Diwali special recipes so this one in the same row. Back in our home in India, Diwali is incomplete without samosas. We grow up eating samosa that too with green chutney is like a ritual over there.

To make it more flavourful we add tamarind and cinnamon to it, oh my god when we taste it, it tastes super delicious. when you add little flavors to your dish it makes that dish out of the world. Here these two ingredients have played this role in this recipe.

The way you grind the dal is very important as the dal is the hero of our samosa. So it should be ground with a grainy texture. When I saute my dal we got some lumps in it but with the help of manual masher we solve this problem, And we got a fine mixture without lumps.

One more new thing we try in this samosa is the shape of it is not like a traditional samosa. For the people who cant make traditional samosa this shape will be quite easy to make.

Moong Dal & Cinnamon Samosa


For the main samosa:

2/3 cup moong dal, soaked

1 cup plain flour

4 tsp oil

1/4 tsp black salt

1/2 tsp red chili

pinch of asafoetida

1/2 tsp roasted cumin powder

1/4 tsp cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp tamarind pulp

1 cup for frying

1/4 tsp salt for plain flour dough

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp lemon juice

For slurry:

1 tsp water

1 tsp plain flour


We need moong dal soaked for 3-4 hours for this recipe. once the dal is properly soaked grind it coarsely in a blender.

Take a pan and pour 2 tsp oil into it. Let it heated on a medium flame. When oil gets a little hot put your ground dal in it and saute it for few minutes. Make sure there should not be any lumps. If you get some lumps then with the help of a spoon try to make it a smooth mixture. Now add asafoetida, black salt, salt, grounded cumin powder, and cinnamon powder. Mix them nicely and turn over the stove.

In this mixture, you add tamarind pulp and mix it nicely with your hands.

In a medium-size bowl take plain flour, add salt, and 2 tsp oil to it. Slowly pour some water and mix it with the hands. We need a dough which is not very loose and not very tight. So you, please see how much water you need to make daugh. Keep this dough aside for half an hour.

Make 8 small balls from the dough of equal size. With the help of a rolling pin make round chapati(Indian bread). At one edge of the chapati put 2 tsp of dal mixture and roll it. Leave the downward edges unfolded. Make the slits with life on the unfolded edge with a gap of 1 inch.

Make slurry, mix water, and plain flour slurry is ready. Put a little on the slit edge and now roll it. This will help to stick the edges to the roll. Now again take a little slurry on your figure and join both the ends of the roll. Repeat this process with the rest of the dough balls.

Take a frying pan and pour the oil for fry in it. Make the oil get heated on medium flame. Once the oil gets hot (not very hot) reduce the flame and fry your samosas till they get golden brown.

Serve your cinnamon-flavored samosa with the green chutney and sprinkle some lemon juice on it.

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