Organic Mango Skin Juice

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Yes. You heard that right - we are making a juice with mango skin as the primary ingredient. Some people think that mango skin is inedible but it's quite the opposite really. Mango skin has various benefits such as:

  • Research shows that mango skin is highly nutritious

  • It is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin E

  • It has dietary fiber

  • It has various beneficial plant compounds

Without further ado let's get started!


The ingredients for this drink are:

  • 2 tsp. Rose Petal Jam : Rose Petal Jam is good for your memory and eyesight and also helps with the process of digestion. Try this one (we don't use this but we have heard good reviews)

To make rose petal jam, take some rose petals and weigh the same amount of sugar. Wash the rose petals thoroughly and put the rose petals and sugar together in an airtight jar and place in front of the sun for 10 days. This can be stored for 6 months


This is one of the EASIEST recipes to prepare! All you have to do is grind everything together and garnish with cardamom powder.

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